Working Ethically as a Graduate Teacher

The presentation on the Code of Conduct, the Standard of Practice, and social media for teachers clarified a lot of areas of what it means to be a professional teacher. Some of the principles were common sense and good as a reminder and to reinforce the importance of professional behaviour around children, but there were lots of scenarios and potentials pitfalls as a teacher that I hadn’t considered.

Knowing that the Code of Conduct applies even outside of school hours was interesting to read and something I was not aware of. Understanding professional boundaries will be really important as a new teacher and I will follow up on the recommended resources from the Queensland College of Teachers for more guidance on this.

Social Media is a potential minefield for teachers – and it was good information to know never to communicate with students through any electronic means other than a departmental email address when if approved by the Principal.

The Principal is the decision maker in the school and has the most experience – so if ever in doubt over an ethical decision always ask for their guidance. The key advice I took was to always be open, honest and to disclose anything that needs to be disclosed. Set professional standards high and be remembered by students for the right reasons.

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