Teaching for The Queensland Department of Education

After graduation I would love to find a teaching job in a local state school here in Cairns with the Queensland Department of Education. As a graduate teacher there will be a lot of things for me to learn and experience, and the Teach Queensland video has provided links to some excellent resources that I can use to make the transition easier. The Teach Queensland website has an abundance of information and links that I will explore, and I am very grateful to have found it at this stage of my studies so that I can hit the ground running on graduation! I have bookmarked the page with links to all the resources for teachers working in Queensland so I can refer back to this regularly and keep up to date with the latest requirements. I love lists so the orientation checklists for beginning teachers will be extremely helpful. I also found a link to the Beginner Teacher Learning Suite which includes information on classroom management, wellbeing, building relationships, inclusive education, curriculum delivery, performance and development and OneSchool so I have emailed to register as it seems like an incredible toolkit for a new teacher.

Support for Beginning Teachers – The State of Queensland (Department of Education) 2023

Photo by Nic Rosenau on Unsplash

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