Surviving My First Year of Teaching

Rod Fogarty’s advice on what makes a successful beginning teacher resonated with me and gave me some great ideas for my first year of teaching. He talks about how experience builds efficacy and highlights the importance of resilience and keeping going even when it feels like progress is hard. He also highlights stress as a cause of teacher attrition, making it extremely relevant as a beginner teacher.

Mental health is extremely important to me and I believe it to be absolutely critical to foster and promote in the classroom. Statistics on youth mental health and suicide in Australia are devastating, so I want to have as many tools as possible professionally and personally to be able to support my own mental health and that of my students.

I will take direct action to combat stress by asking for help when I need it, finding a mentor, continuing professional development and building strong networks.

I will take palliative action by remaining positive towards myself and by setting psychological boundaries early on.

And I will definitely avoid avoidance! I will be vigilant for signs of stress and proactive with the strategies Rod suggests to combat ill effects before they take hold.

Surviving and Thriving in your First Year of Teaching – Rod Fogarty, Credit University of Souther Queensland

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