Making the Most of Teacher Aides

In my classroom experiences so far, I have observed the teacher aide to be an invaluable human resource. Discovering how to use the skills of teacher aides effectively will be important for my success as a beginning teacher. Good communication will be key to working with a teacher aide in the classroom to maximise the benefit for the students and to understand the specific needs of the learner, and the strategies and programs we can implement to make a difference for them. During my own time in classrooms, I have observed teacher aides often being allocated particular students who they have spent the majority of their day working with. Students with behavioural challenges or learning difficulties would have the attention of the teacher aide during the day to support the teacher. What I have learned from the presentation and further research is that the teacher aide is not being used to their full advantage in this manner and they should be utilised in a more supportive role for the whole class. This gives the qualified class teacher (who carries the responsibility for student outcomes) the opportunity to use their training and skills to work with children in the class with particular challenges.

Making the most of your Teacher Aide – presented by Melissa Kinnear
The Effective Use of Classroom Support Staff – Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) 2023

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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